25 years of experience in the service of passive safety

About AFL

Specialized in honeycomb solutions, we have been manufacturing passive safety testing products including Crash Test barriers and energy absorbers for more than 25 years in collaboration with car manufacturers and Crash Test Labs worldwide. Our R&D department designs and develops solutions in accordance with pending regulations and market expectations.

Or factory is located in Courtenay in the Loiret region, 120 km away from Paris. We are able to make mass production as well as products on demand of any types of honeycomb solutions, among them Crash Test barriers.




Further to UTAC’s request and technical requirements, AFL’s R&D department has started to work on Crash Test Barriers. In December 1993, AFL’s very first Side Impact barrier is certified by UTAC.
AFL has worked ever since with European and American car manufacturers: General Motors, Fiat, Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes, Renault, Peugeot, etc. Today we provide them as well as testing facilities with 8 types of Front Impact barriers and Side Impact barriers. Our customers are located in Europe, Asia (China, South-Korea, Japan, India) and Russia.


Company information

  • Registered address : 1419 Route de Viroy BP 60120 F – 45201 Montargis Cedex
  • Production site : 22 Route de Joigny 45320 Courtenay France
  • Legal form: SARL
  • Registered capital : 240.000,00€
  • Sector of activity : manufacturing of Honeycomb panels and Crash Test Barriers
  • Naf : 1621Z
  • SIRET : 41762494700012
  • RCS : 321 007 429
  • VAT number : FR 58417624947