Our successful participation to the Automotive Testing Expo 2019 in Stuttgart, Germany, from May 21-23, 2019 was for us again the opportunity to meet with our prospects, customers and partners and also present our new solutions. 

MPDB mobile deformable progressive barrier – version 1.2

In 2020 Euro NCAP will introduce the MPDB (Moving Progressive Deformable Barrier) frontal crash. With this new crash test, Euro NCAP wants to assess not only the self-protection of vehicles, but also partner protection, i.e. compatibility. The new test procedure poses a number of challenges: the test with 2 moving objects (vehicle + barrier car) is much more demanding than a test against the crash block. In addition there is the use of the new THOR dummy. Due to the new compatibility evaluation, the test evaluation also goes beyond the previous scope. For example, the energy input into the barrier and the deformation pattern must be evaluated. 

AFL HONEYCOMB STRUCTURES, in collaboration with several automotive manufacturers and French Crash Test Laboratory UTAC has produced the first MPDB version and now the very last version MPDB Version 1.2.  

RCAR bumper for slow-speed crash test

Typical RCAR Bumper tests simulate collision in low-speed crashes which can damage the bumper. These test procedures are conducted to produce more effective bumper systems and therefore reduce the cost of insurance.

Our RCAR BUMPER BARRIER is manufactured in accordance with RCAR’s specifications.

The RCAR Bumper Barrie ris used for two kinds of Dynamic tests:

  • Full Width Tests with an impact velocity at 10 km/h (+/- 0,5 km/h)
  • Corner Tests with an impact velocity at 5,0 km/h (+/- 0,5 km/h)